Day one  of class

Give the gift that will last for generations this Christmas

About  our Workshop

We are excited to offer our WINTER classes so that you to learn the skills to build and walk away with your very own hand built wooden canoe.

Our classes have been designed for someone who has little or no experience in woodworking. You will learn the stitch and glue method, a beginner friendly way to build a beautiful handcrafted wooden canoe.
We will walk you through the process of construction, fiberglassing and detail work to build your own wooden canoe. Now you can know the accomplishment and excitement of having the maiden voyage of your very own handcrafted wooden canoe.

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Class Cost

Materials are $1,850
Tuition for the class is $800
Complete Build (without finish) $2,650

Classes schedule 

Wed-Sunday Classes

Weekend Classes

Limited Classes Available

Day two of Class.

Maiden Voyage

Canoe Building


"Years of road trips with my dad to Wooden Boat School in Maine and Chesapeake Light Craft in Maryland inspired me to start our own workshop in 2018 so that we can share the craftsmanship and accomplishment of building your own hand built wooden canoe right here in Little Rock Arkansas."

-Samuel Ellis Owner and Instructor