"I grew up in Little Rock. The city's central location allowed me to spend summers traveling to the Ozark Mountains for canoeing and kayaking trips with my parents and friends. I fell in love with the water and, in 2011, decided to move to Colorado. I excelled as a guide for a commercial white water rafting company, specifically on Class III and IV rapids in Browns Canyon. It was during that time when I realized there was so much more to the Arkansas River than it just being a beautiful sight best viewed from the shore. I returned to Little Rock and found myself surrounded by a thriving city, working and living the city life, and yet I was still magnetically drawn to the river. I embarked on a mission to kayak and explore the Arkansas River as it is here in Arkansas. The calmer waters and wide channels proved a stark contrast to the rapids and chutes I knew in Colorado, but my explorations were just as exciting! I realized I could not selfishly keep this to myself, so I decided to start Rock Town River Outfitters. Now everyone can experience the awe and excitement I feel while paddling on the Arkansas River. My primary goal is for the Arkansas River to become an accessible recreational destination where families can safely play in the waters that have shaped our city. The river is not something to fear, but rather something to respect and enjoy. Come take a tour. I know you'll fall in love with the river, too."



“My primary goal is for the Arkansas River to become an accessible recreational destination where families can safely play in the waters that have shaped our city.”



Owner/Senior Guide

-Licensed River Outfitter Guide since 2011
-Over 1500 miles of commercial guided trips on the Arkansas River 
-4 year professional guide on Browns Canyon in Colorado

-4 years of owning, operating Little Rock's first kayak and bicycle tours in Central Arkansas




Security/(Dog)Paddling Instructor

Grizz Lee Bear joined the RTRO team in 2016. He is an expert SUP boarder and takes his security duties seriously by performing regular perimeter checks while at the marina. Most days, you can find Grizz riding on the front of Samuel's boat, rounding up stray kayaks, or lounging on the dock. He is an energetic Leo with a heart of gold, a love for smelly socks, and will gladly accept generous tips in the form of Milk-Bones.


We supply sit-in and sit-on-top kayaks that are stable and suitable for the first-time kayaker and experienced boaters alike. We also supply all safety gear, PFDs, paddles and even a waterproof phone case for your outing. It is important to us at RTRO to have the best gear on hand and maintain high safety standards as well as comfort for all of our River adventures.


River Locations

We are excited to offer multiple river experiences in

Central Arkansas.


Rockwater Marina


Our original location offers unique access, a full service marina, restrooms and private boat house on the Arkansas River for our events and Downtown River Tours right in the heart of the capitol city.

Two Rivers Boat House


In 2019 The Arkansas Boat House was built to provide recreational boating on the Little Maumelle River. The boat house is shared by Rock Town River Outfitters and the Rock City Row Team. It has become a great location not only for kayaks and SUP boards but for watching, learning and competitive rowing.